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Cayan's Agile API Versioning Process

Cayan’s APIs follow an agile approach to versioning. This makes it easy for us to rapidly deliver new features to our customers. In doing so, we promise to never break backwards compatibility with our clients.

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FinTech Belfast

Like a lot of good ideas, it all started with a chance conversation in the office over a coffee. We were discussing how odd it was that given how many local companies work on some aspect of financial technology, Belfast is weirdly under represented in that arena on the local meetup scene.

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Using Rebex to Support TLS 1.2 in Legacy .NET Environments

Many popular points of sale are .NET apps that run on Windows. As these points of sale tend to have expected lifespans of 10+ years, our industry is challenged with how to support modern encryption protocols on not-so-modern operating systems that don't support those protocols. Frameworks like Rebex fill that niche.

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Impediments to Mobile Wallet Adoption

Mobile wallets have been around for years now, and industry experts have called them The Next Big Thing in payments for their entire existence. But adoption rates have never quite matched up to the enthusiasm and excitement—while mobile wallet share is increasing month to month, it's still dwarfed by physical card transactions. Of course, no one is giving up on mobile wallets just yet. The question remains: Is there still a tipping point ahead?

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Mother Nature's Impact on Credit Card Activity

Extreme weather and natural disasters can wreak havoc on the infrastructure that we so much take for granted each day. This year, the Caribbean and Gulf were hit particularly hard by hurricanes. Cayan’s merchant and transaction data offers some insight into how deeply these catastrophic events have impacted Florida, Houston, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, and how quickly and to what extent they’ve bounced back.

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