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Cayan is sponsoring #HackTheHub's 2018 hackathon in Belfast

Cayan is thrilled to announce that we're teaming up with #HackTheHub to sponsor their 2018 hackathon in Belfast.
#HackTheHub's mission is closely aligned with that of our own engineering teams: to bring together and upskill a diverse range of people who have an overwhelming desire to apply innovative technology solutions and deliver awesome products that can make a positive impact on people’s lives. (I guess it doesn't always have to be about payments!)
Over the course of the hackathon and pre-hack, Cayan will provide mentorship to the hackers, and some of our own engineers will compete in the challenges to demonstrate some of the techniques they apply every day. We'll also spend some time on stage during the sunday session sharing more about life at Cayan with everyone.
The hackathon this year concentrates on AI and machine learning with a real focus on upskilling everyone at the pre-hack event.  I'm really excited to see how all entrants use the new skills they learn to tackle the challenges, and also how we can apply this to our work after the event.  Will we build a chatbot to support our customers? An algorithm to predict fraudulent transactions? Or (perhaps more importantly) something to tell me the optimum time to get coffee without queueing?