Knowledge Base Best Practices

Service Availability Monitoring

A number of TSYS' merchants and partners have reason to monitor its servicess' availability and uptime. TSYS publishes any degredation of its services, its partners' services (eg. a merchant's payment processor) or any loss of availability to our status page. We recommend that merchants and partners subscribe to notifications on our status page, which can be delivered via email and SMS.

For anyone whose use cases are not covered by our status page and needs to do more fine-grained monitoring of TSYS' services, we recommend that you monitor the following endpoints in your monitoring solution: If successful, you should receive a HTTP 200, along with the current date & time displayed in your browser (in US Central time zone) – eg. "8/10/2017 10:52:08 AM".

TSYS expects that any and all monitoring done by our partners will have a light touch, and reserves the right to take any necessary action to protect our services' availability. Below are a couple of recommendations around a "politeness policy" that will hopefully achieve your monitoring goals, while not unintentionally DDOS'ing our services.
  • Monitor from a single central location (or a select handful of points), rather than from (eg.) every Point of Sale, or from each of your multiple retail locations
    • If you have a couple of data centers that integrate with TSYS' services, it would be reasonable to implement a health check in each data center.
    • One might also consider using a neutral 3rd-party monitoring service, such as Pingdom or StatusCake.
      • Please note that TSYS only accepts traffic from North American IP addresses
  • Please think about how often your monitors check our services. Consider an approach that runs on the order of every couple of minutes, rather than every couple of seconds.
Some notes:
  • One's inability to reach these endpoints does not necessarily mean that TSYS' services are down, and does not necessarily count against our SLAs. For example, there may be a routing issue, an issue with a merchant's or partner's ISP, or some other reason outside of TSYS' immediate control.
  • TSYS' data centers restrict traffic to only North American IP addresses. If you need to whitelist your IP address, please get in touch with your Sales Engineer.
  • TSYS' data centers restrict traffic from known potentially malicious VPNs and IP addresses, such as Tor exit nodes.
  • TSYS' data centers allow ping & traceroute traffic as of 2017-10-11. We disallow all other ICMP traffic.
  • The above are all HTTPs endpoints, as TSYS' services are principally offered as SOAP and REST services, as well as web portals. Please issue a HTTP HEAD or GET request to verify that each endpoint is reachable.