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TSYS is constantly offering new products and features for you and your customers by keeping our APIs flexible and future-proof. To do this, we need you to help by designing your software to be similarly flexible and prepared for any changes we may introduce. 

To make sure your solution is ready for any new fields in our APIs we’re making some changes to the responses you receive to your transaction requests. 

What's Changing?

Starting in January 2019, all responses from MerchantWARE, Genius, and TransportWeb will include an additional, randomly-generated element that is not in the WSDL for that API. 

Below is an example of a MerchantWARE 4.5 Sale response with the additional field highlighted. Keep in mind the value and placement of this field will vary with each transaction.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""
  <SaleResponse xmlns="">>
    <TransactionDate>1/1/2018 9:41:06 AM</TransactionDate>
    <Cardholder>John Doe</Cardholder>


These changes are meant to emulate the addition of new elements to the API that are not available at the time of integration. By ensuring that new elements and data in our responses does not cause issues with your software we are able to continue to introduce new features to our customers, even if you have not yet incorporated them into your offering.

How to Prepare

You can test out the new responses right now by using our sandbox environment. Just direct your solution to the endpoints listed below for the product you’re using and process a transaction like you normally would. The response will include a random field just like our production endpoints will in January, allowing you to test your software and make sure it’s able to handle the new information without any issues.
  • Sandbox Endpoint:
  • Transport Endpoint:
  • Genius Endpoint:
  • Genius v2 Endpoint:
  • MerchantWare 4.5 Endpoint:
  • MerchantWare 4.0 Reporting Endpoint:

Contact Information

If you experience any issues during testing, or if you have any questions about the new fields, don’t hesitate to contact our certification engineering team at You can also consult our API Versioning Best Practices page for more information.