Name Type Size Description
CommodityCode String 0-30 The line item’s commodity code.
Description String 0-100 The description of the line item.
Upc String 0-12 The line item’s Universal Product Code.
Quantity Decimal 0-(9,4) The number of units that the line item contains. Units for the line item are specified in the UnitOfMeasure field.
UnitOfMeasure String 0-50 The unit of measure for the contents of the line item.
UnitCost Decimal 0-100 The cost of a single unit from the line item.
DiscountAmount Decimal 0-100 The amount that the merchant deducts as a discount from the cost of the line item.
TotalAmount Decimal 0-100 The total amount of the line item after the merchant deducts all tax and discounts.
TaxAmount Decimal 0-100 The tax amount of the line item that is tax.
ExtendedAmount Decimal 0-100 The extended amount of the line item.
DebitOrCreditIndicator String - An indicator of whether the line item is a credit or a debit. Values are:
  • Credit
  • Debit
NetOrGrossIndicator String - An indicator of whether the line item includes tax (gross) or excludes tax (net). Values are:
  • Net
  • Gross